President Prof. Peter Mutharika has called on all tribes and ethnic groups in the country to be united for the sake of the development of the country.


He was speaking Sunday at Chonde in Mulanje during the 9th event of Mulhako wa Alhomwe Annual Festival which took place under the theme ‘the youth and culture’.


Speaking to thousands that gathered to witness the event which has proven to be one of the most popular cultural activities over the past nine years, the President emphasized on the importance of ethnic groups working together towards the realization of sustainable development in the country.


“I would like to call upon my fellow Lhomwes and all tribes that exist in Malawi to be united and to continue participating actively in development because that is the only way through which we can achieve our national goals,” Mutharika said.


He observed that there was great importance for the youths to know a lot about their background through cultural practices and traditional activities such as Mulhako wa Alhomwe, adding that leaving the youths out of such activities would lead to the death of culture.


On development, Mutharika pledged that his government would continue lining up development activities that would ensure that Malawians are living decent affordable lives as they continue to live together in peace and harmony.


Speaking earlier on, Minister of Culture and Civic Education, Dr Patricia Kaliati commended the Mulhako wa Alhomwe festival for considering the youths as one important segment in culture and development.


The Minister said it was very important to involve youths in all activities that needed sustainability as youths have the capability of taking the nation to the next level of development, given all the necessary opportunities.


Our youths should be provided with enough education, employment activities and most importantly, they should start to get more involved in things that can develop our country as opposed to being a demolition section in our society,” the Minister emphasized.


Chairperson of Mulhako wa Alhomwe, Professor James Seyani said the youths were a backbone of the country’s future, hence this year’s theme which seeks to highlight on the trust and confidence the country has on the youths.


During this year’s celebrations, traditional dances from various tribes from across the country were performed, among them the Ngoni, Yao, Sena, Tonga and Lhomwe themselves.


The Mulhako wa Alhomwe Annual Festival was established in the year 2008 under the leadership of former President the late Prof. Bingu wa Mutharika who was the first Patron of the grouping, years before the current President took over.


president-peter-mutharika-is-met-by-the-shadow-member-of-parliament-for-mchinji-west-constituency-stephano-kamwani-at-bua-primary-school-groundcstanley-makutiPresident Arthur Peter Mutharika Thursday said that his DPP-led government will continue to deliver on the promises made prior to the 2014 general elections by fulfilling its development agenda.
He said this during a public rally at Bua Primary School ground in Mchinji ahead of by-elections to be held on Tuesday next week in Mchinji West Constituency.
In his speech to drum support for DPP candidate Stephano Kamwani, Mutharika outlined his plans to improve the current food situation, education, water development and road infrastructure.

The president assured people in Mchinji that nobody will die of hunger because his government has already procured enough maize to cater for all people including those who cannot afford to buy a bag of maize.
“We have bought 96 metric tonnes that will be provided for free to the poor,” he said.
On education, the president said his government plans to enhance quality education and improve its access by renovating and maintaining some schools in the country.
“I understand that some schools here in Mchinji had their classroom roofs blown away by heavy winds. I promise to maintain all these schools towards improving quality education,” Mutharika said.

With the country facing water shortages due to erratic weather and rainfall patterns, the president said plans are under way to construct water provision facilities in areas critically affected by these shortages.
Mutharika also listed a number of roads in Mchinji that have been earmarked for upgrading to tarmac.
He called on the nation to embrace the spirit of hard work and integrity saying these are the only values that can spur development than wasting time in gossiping and spreading false stories.
Mutharika then called on people in Mchinji West to vote for DPP candidate Kamwani in the coming by-elections so that they continue enjoying development initiatives undertaken by his government.
He said the party’s candidate has all the qualities to represent the needs of Mchinji West constituents.
“He is your own son who stays with you right away here, he is a very religious person and renowned commercial farmer and business person,” Mutharika said.


Earlier, DPP’s director of women affairs, who is also minister of civic education and culture, Patricia Kaliati said it is time the people of Mchinji West demonstrated their political maturity and progression by voting for DPP which has brought a number of developments in the area.
“For more than 30 years of one party rule, people here had no good roads, there was no electricity in rural areas. But with DPP, all these amenities are now available.

Therefore, the best choice you can make is to vote for Kamwani as your member of parliament,” Kaliati said.
The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) is conducting by-elections in Mchinji West constituency after it fell vacant following the death of former MCP legislator Billy Kanjira Banda in March this year.



PRESS RELEASE For immediate release 26th October, 2016 H.E PROF. ARTHUR PETER MUTHARIKA TO ADDRESS A PUBLIC RALLY State House is informing the public that His Excellency, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of the Republic of Malawi will on Thursday, 27th October 2016, address a public rally at Mchinji Boma. The rally shall start at 15:00 hrs. MGEME KALILANI PRESIDENTIAL PRESS SECRETARY & SPOKESPERSON KAMUZU PALACE – LILONGWE


First lady Dr Gertrude Mutharika Wednesday renewed her commitment to the girl child education by improving nutrition among them.
She said this in Lilongwe during the official opening of the second 2016 International Food and Nutrition Research dissemination conference.
“As I was listened to the presentation on how increased girl education is linked to improved nutrition indicators, I have more reasons to renew my commitment to the girl child education,” Mutharika said.
She explained that the burning zeal on the plight of the girl child by nutrition sector compliments with the global agenda in investing in the girl child.
The first lady added that Beatify Malawi (BEAM) Trust has goals of keeping girls in school which are similar to nutrition fraternity in the country.
Mutharika assured the nutrition fraternity in the country, that as a mother she is on their side and together they are a winning team in improving nutrition on a girl child.
She said she will help to accelerate access to quality community nutrition services and appealed to researchers, programmers, development partners and other stakeholders to go deeper in unearthing what needs to be done and how to do it so that the country can concentrate its limited resources on what could work best in the country’s context.
Minister of Heath, Dr Peter Kumpalume said the country’s economy depends on nutrition and the conference would help the heath sector to make right policies on nutrition.
He said this year’s conference is focusing on a girl child because the vast majority of the children born in this county are from adolescent girls who have no resources to provide good diet to themselves and their newborn babies.
Kumpalume added that poor nutrition result in stunted growth which causes low productivity among the affected group.
He assured the delegates that the research findings would be translated into policies and urged researchers in the country to train others so that nutrition they can carry on the job once they retire.
Associate Professor of Human Nutrition at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) Alexander Kalimbira in his presentation said a lot of malnutrition occurs among adolescent girls.
He said there is a need to keep a girl child in school to reduce early marriages and pregnancies to improve the nutrition status of this country.
“Girls who have not attained education 43 per cent of them contribute to stunted growth among their child unlike those that attained education and their contribution is at 12 per cent and 34 per cent of girls that did not attain education fail to give their children minimum acceptable diet than those that attained which their contribution is 7 per cent,” Kalimbira explanied.
He added that nutrition has infect on health, education and productivity as 23 per cent of children die because of malnutrition and 59 per cent of death among children under the age of two are caused by malnutrition.
Kalimbira further said 18 per cent of children who repeat at school is due to under nutrition and stunted growth makes the production to be low.
He emphasized the need to place girls needs at heart, keep girls in school, protect them from early pregnancies and marriages and ensure food and nutrition security among them.
Kalimbira also said the first 1000 days have to be treated well to improve nutrition status of pregnant mothers and children before they reached the age of 2.
The conference is the second one and this year’s theme: “You are what you eat” and three women were awarded for contributing in improving nutrition status of the country. The awardees were late Matasi Mkwamba, Dr Mary Shawa and Dr Beatrice Mtimuni.


Government has stressed commitment in ensuring transparency and accountability in implementation of infrastructure construction projects to ensure high quality of the country’s infrastructure.
Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima made the assertion at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe on Tuesday where he officially launched deliberations of the 4th Construction Sector Transparency Insurance (CoST) Assurance Report.
The Vice President, who is also Champion for CoST Malawi, complimented the statement by recalling the 2014 review of infrastructure projects which had been highlighted by the 2014 CoST Assurance Report which brought cancellation, suspension and retendering of some public infrastructure.
He also pointed out that; “In June 2015 Government went on to launch the National Construction Industry Policy which prioritizes Corporate Good Governance to ensure that transparency and accountability is enhanced in line with the aspirations of the CoST principles.
“You may also wish to know that under the Public Service Reform program, Government has amended the Public Procurement Act of 2003 to include issues of public infrastructure procurement integrity.”
According to Dr Chilima, through the above law, all public procurement proceedings shall be conducted in a manner which promotes transparency, accountability, non-discrimination, fairness, open competition, confidentiality, economy and efficiency.
“As we speak, my office is in touch with the Ministry of Justice, which is the sponsor of the amended Act, to ensure a speedy tabling of the Bill in parliament. In fact, my wish is that the Bill be tabled during the November sitting,” the Vice President disclosed.
He expressed hope that report findings and recommendations would be used to bring in positive change in the management of the country’s infrastructure projects.
For instance, the report points out that locally funded infrastructure projects are likely to escalate in cost due to delayed payment. This is an issue as it implies that Government is made to make additional unplanned investment into on-going infrastructure projects at the expense of equally important social-economic activities.
Chief Executive Officer National Construction Industry Council, Linda Phiri, hailed Government for continued support and dedication to the initiative.
Launched in CoST is a multi stakeholder initiative with 15 participating countries spanning four continents, and the event attracted representatives from all countries including Chair of CoST Board, Chrik Poortman.